Hawai‘i is committed to doubling local food production for local consumption. To track progress on this statewide goal, it is important to understand what food is being produced in Hawai‘i, what is imported, and what is exported. Unfortunately, the "Statistics of Hawai‘i Agriculture” that included export and import data, compiled by the Hawai‘i Agricultural Statistics Service in cooperation with the National Agricultural Statistics Service, has not been published since 2009. Until Hawai‘i starts tracking import data for the state again, a proxy for vegetables will be tracked on this dashboard.


*Based on Hawaii Vegetables Annual Reports, HASS


*Based on Hawaii Vegetables Annual Reports, HASS


*Based on Hawaii Vegetables Annual Reports, HASS

Cabbage, lettuce, and eggplant are displayed here because they have consistent data that can track production trends. While Hawai‘i does grow many other vegetables, consistent datasets are not currently available due to confidentiality and reporting limitations. Tomatoes, in particular, have seen growth in current years. There is a consistent effort to provide data on more vegetables through farm surveys; however, this data may have limitations based on what is reported.

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