Hawai‘i is committed to doubling local food production for local consumption. To track progress on this statewide goal, it is important to understand what food is being produced in Hawai‘i, what is imported, and what is exported. Unfortunately, the "Statistics of Hawai‘i Agriculture” that included export and import data, compiled by the Hawai‘i Agricultural Statistics Service in cooperation with the National Agricultural Statistics Service, has not been published since 2009. Until Hawai‘i starts tracking import data for the state again, a proxy for fruit will be tracked on this dashboard.


*2013-2014 NASS Census, 2007-2011 Statistics of Hawaii Agriculture 2011, 2012 was not published due to government sequestration.


*Statistics of Hawaii Agriculture 2011. Note part of papaya production is exported, but this number is not currently available.


*Based on Hawaii Vegetables Annual Report, HASS

Tropical Specialties

Commercially grown topical tropical fruits are both sold locally in Hawaii and for export abroad. Currently the volume of fruit sold locally and exported is not published for Hawai‘i; however, the Hawai‘i Agricultural Statistics Service will soon be conducting tropical fruit surveys. This should include atemoyas, longans, lychee, mangos, persimmons, rambutans, and other tropical fruits that thrive in Hawai‘i’s climate.

Learn More and Make a Difference

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