Federal and State Public Housing Properties

This past fiscal year, a major goal of the State of Hawaii was to improve the statewide average occupancy level to 97%. In order to achieve this goal, the Hawaii Public Housing Authority had been expeditiously interviewing potential tenants throughout the year, and also held a mass certification event in 2013. Over 350 families were informed to attend the meetings which brought them all one step close to attaining public housing.

Of the 6,195 units statewide, the occupancy rate on June 30, 2013 of 96.8% represented an increase from the 89% occupancy rate on July 1, 2012. The 201 vacant units represented a 36% reduction from the end of the previous calendar year, and rent collection rates were at 97%.

Total Units Available and Occupied

Average Rent Payment

Reason for Referral

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